Upholstery & Leather Furniture Cleaning with our Dry Foam Extraction System


Our factory trained professional uses the patented Von Schrader® Low Moisture Soil Extraction Upholstery Cleaning System. No damaging liquid touches your precious leather surfaces, just a gentle dry foam.

Our Leather Lather is expertly applied with soft and pliable counter-rotating nylon brushes. The exclusive pH balanced dry foam Leather Lather emulsifies and holds soil for instant powerful extraction.

A polymer barrier prevents oily soil from re-depositing on the surface.

Wouldn't you like to have your furniture cleaned to its original beauty?

An expert brings a VON SCHRADER UPHOLSTERY SOIL EXTRACTION CLEANING SYSTEM&rtm; to your home, office or store ... quickly and expertly cleans all upholstery. No mess! No odor!

No liquid touches the fabric, just a soft, gentle dry foam that separates the dirt from the fabric, then is removed immediately.

The odorless detergent used is actually beneficial to fabrics. No dirt-attacting soaps or toxic dry cleaning fliuds. Furnishings cleaned are ready to use the same day.

Foam Extraction System replaces antiquated and wet systems.

The delicate but thorough action of this cleaning system produces beautiful results that cannot be equaled or duplicated by other processes.

We bring to your home the most up-to-date deveopments of the Von Schrader Company who pioneered on-location upholstery cleaning more than 60 years ago.

Von Schrader detergents meet all state and Federal phosphate limitations. Dense foam breaks down and disperses quickly.

We clean upholstery of every kind, everywhere.

Homes - You can remove the loose dust by cavuuming and brushing your furniture but to remove teh soil you must have it cleaned. Revives the colours. Makes your home more sanitary and more attractive.

Automobiles - For the protection of light-coloured clothing and the beauty of your auto, upholstery must be cleaned. (We invite inquiries from used-car dealers.)

Stores & Offices - Let us clean your upholstered furniture and fabric-covered walls when you close for the day. It will be ready to use the next morning and look more beautiful than ever.

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