About Us

Owner: Joseph Vanegas

Qualifications: Certified Von Schraeder Carpet Cleaning Technician, has also received complete technical maintenance training with Von Schraeder company.

In Business Since: 1990

Joseph says: "With the Von Schraeder System, so little moisture is involved that the hazards usually associated with wet methods are totally eliminated. You can forget about shrinkage, seam splitting, mildew or delaminating of cushion-backed carpet. This means far greater peace of mind to homemakers and commercial proprietors as well as greater convenience."

The Von Schrader Company has been providing carpet, upholstery and tile care equipment and chemicals since 1935 and is represented in 54 countries throughout the world. The method is used by many hotels chains, universities and hospitals in Canada and will provide the same fine service for homes and businesses in the area.

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